Fast, easy and reusable

Hang your pictures in no time!

Do you want to know how it works?

What is Hookpict?

Hookpict is a component made of steel with flexible characteristics that incorporates, in a single piece, the functions of the “wall-plug” and the “hook” or “angled screw” normally used for hanging pictures or other decorative items.

Drill a 6mm hole

with the help of a drill.

Insert the Hookpict

It will be easy thanks to its flexibility.

And it’s ready!

You can now hang your pictures. Easy and fast!

Different finishes

Available in different colours so that you can match them perfectly to your rooms.



Rose gold


Where can I hang it?

It works on any surface.




of load resistence.

Thanks to its design, it can support a weight of up to 25 kg. Thus, it can be used to hang various weights.







Hookpict simplifies what usually requires two separate elements into a single piece.

The ELASTICITY of the material allows the stem, shaped as an open clamp, to gradually close as it is inserted into a hole.

REUSE. Its elastic characteristics and its shape do not alter with use. This means it can be reused.

We distribute Hookpict in bulk or in packs*. Contact us to receive more information about product distribution. *Units to be determined

SAVINGS in material and time. There’s no need to use a “hook”. All you need to do is make a 6mm hole, insert Hookpict, and it’s job done!

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